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Reinvent yourself, reinvigorate your senses, rejuvenate your soul. Come and stay with us!


One of the oldest civilisations in the world, India is a mosaic of multicultural experiences. With a rich heritage and myriad attractions, the country is among the most popular tourist destinations in the world. When you’re planning your stay here, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the most beautiful villas, vacation homes and resorts available at some of the most exotic locations. That’s where we come in! Our lavish vacation homes and villas in India, bring you the best of the action, from locations central to the most exciting activities in the country, to top-notch amenities and lodging. We have an extensive selection of hand-picked high-end vacation homes, villas & resorts with fantastic locations and views, allowing us to accommodate vacations of all shapes and sizes. We also offer weekly, monthly, and long-term rentals in India at the most exotic and secluded locations for anyone looking to get away from the city and the daily hustle-bustle associated with it! From secluded villas to mountainside chalets and lavish resorts, each property in our portfolio is verified to suit the expectations of even the most discerning travellers. Learn more about our exclusive vacation rentals by reviewing our property inventory! 

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About us

A walk in the nature, brings the soul back in place. We  will help you reinvent yourself!


Nature has something magical about it. Something that cannot be put into words but so deep that touches your soul, drains away the negative energy and fills in positive energy to the brim. Since ages, this connection with the nature restores peace and brings enlightenment.

Wanderlust Lifespaces have featured number of properties, exclusively chosen to take you on a nature ride away from the daily life hassle. Taking in note the busy life we are in; we perceive that it has become essential for mankind to focus and give sometime to themselves. Our vision while creating the portfolio of specially curated serene, beautiful home stays, villas and mountainside chalets was to provide our guest with exceptionally good and wonderful experience.

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A pinch of tradition

Giving our guests not just a room but a lifetime experience. We will help you reinvigorate your senses!


Living in a country like India where “Guests are God” and following the traditional mantra, “Atithi Devo Bhava”, we believe in giving enigmatic experience to our guests. It is known that hospitality is derived from the word ‘hospice’ which is the term for a medieval house of rest for travellers and pilgrims. Our essential part is to provide services to the guest and the motivation behind that is the traditional mindset to offer extraordinary comfort zone and world class super luxurious stay for them. Be it the resorts, villas or the chalet, every minute detail of the properties has been crafted keeping in mind the utmost level of alleviation and comfort.

Enjoying the Nature

Our mission

Befriending the guests to fabricate memories!


People will forget what you say, but people will never forget what you did to them and how well you treated them. At Wanderlust Lifespaces, our mission solely revolves around creating the best and most comforting experience for our guests. All our properties are curated and designed in such a way that every minute you spend here becomes the best memory of your life. We are always striving to achieve our mission of providing our guests with a spectacular and extravagant experience. 

There is a personalised touch in all amenities furnished by us. Not just perfect for family outings but also a destination for corporate meet-ups as well. Our motive is to provide a world class experience to our visitors. Starting from the very initial step where you look for the best stay for yourself to making your dream come true, we assure you to get the ultimate revitalising stay solacing your mind and soul. 

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Our vision

Giving our guests not just a room but a lifetime experience. We will help you reinvigorate your senses!


At Wanderlust Lifespaces, our friendly staff and innovative management are efficient and cost effective, providing value to homeowners, customers, and guests. We are dedicated to providing exemplary service and extraordinary experience to our clients. We are passionate about providing the extra value that others simply will not even think about. Our collaborative spirit and desire to grow will help us achieve the goals we set. We will make the guests we serve feel special, creating raving fans, and help them truly win. We will succeed because we will not let our clients fail. 

Our core values

that shape who we are

Wanderlust Lifespaces' values are grounded in honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, fairness and ethical operations. We know that long term success can only be achieved by honouring these values.  We are committed to building and maintaining an organisation with mutual respect, collaboration and support among all stakeholders at Wanderlust - its clients, guests, community and team members. Our corporate principles stress the value and importance of people by doing the following:

  • Our team values above all: Trust, compassion and care.

  • Our goal is to create a Win-Win-Win environment for owners, guests and our team.

  • We deliver what we promise.

  • We always treat people with courtesy and respect.

  • We treat our suppliers and subcontractors as part of our company team.

  • We have an environment that promotes a strong sense of urgency when it comes to customer care and satisfaction.

  • We have an open door policy and encourage honest and open communication among and between our team members.