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Wanderlust Lifespaces provides memorable vacation experiences by helping our guests find uniquely suited accommodations for their stay at some of most exotic locations across India.

A full-service vacation homes management company, we are passionate about the vacation rental industry and have been working to help homeowners and guests meet their needs.

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Natural therapies

Unload the stress! Reach the mountains! We help you rejuvenate your soul!


A therapy worth it, an experience worth returning for. At, Wanderlust we let you live in a format that have never been formulated by the resorts of the same type. We ensure to make your visit, entirely rejuvenating and worth your time. Even a small amount of interaction with nature can do wonders for your body. Meditation is another form of healing by reinventing yourself. All our destinations are fairly personifying the aura of the beautiful nature, having situated amidst the beautiful snow-capped mountains and pinewood trees, we make the perfect abode for all-natural therapies. 

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Forest bathing - Shinrin Yoku

There are several activities that are sure to add up to the already amazing time you will be spending. Not forgetting how important health is, we have moulded the routine in such a way that our guests can involve themselves in activities like yoga, spiritual thinking bird-watching and forest bathing. It is a practice followed in Japan called, shinrin-yoku. Splitting the two, Shinrin in Japanese is forest and yoku means bath.


The idea behind forest bathing is connecting with the nature through our five senses, sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. Forest bathing is vitally bridging the gap between our senses and the natural biosphere.  All you need to do is, Find a spot – Make sure you leave your phone and camera behind – Walk slowly into the woods – Feel the amalgamation of your soul with the nature.

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Adventure trails

Once upon a time there was an adventure.....let us relive that


Sometimes it is important to slow down a little in your busy schedule. Rushing through meetings, standing up for long hours, coming home with the list of activities and following the same cycle throughout. No, your body definitely deserves better. Adventure sports have been proactively toping our list to ensure you do not miss an opportunity to stay close to the nature. Our country has a wide range of natural wealth which is primarily augmenting the adventure tourism. We have a provision of various adventure activities namely, trekking, hiking, birdwatching that are leading you closer to the nature. Our only motive is to energize your soul making you vibrant and energetic. Giving you a replenishing escapade, Wanderlust Lifespaces, have a collection of self-styled, life-transforming adventure spots. We have chosen special destinations to make your stay super comforting leaving no option for you but to come back. We are inclined to making your stay a memorable one.

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Corporate retreats

Letting the nature give you the best it can

In general hotels provide good amount of outdoor fun activities, leisure time with family, friends and much more. What if you are in a business looking for a peaceful spot for your corporate meet ups? Not general, a special arrangement with not so office looking environment but probably the better version of that without a lot of crowd around you. This set up will certainly be a fuel-up for enhancing and boosting the creativity level of the people present giving an all-new fondness towards nature. The thought process will be molded and be empathetic to yield better outcomes. With a number of chattels in divergent locations you can pick the one best suited for you in terms of distance, temperature or landscape. As an extra, while you complete your official chores, your loved ones can make the most of the time indulging themselves into fun activities. This is what makes us a one stop destination for you.

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Event spaces

Turning your wishes to reality


We are a blend of exotic and alluring locations that can embellish the most exception occasion of an individual’s life with dazzle and glory. Making your special day more special by adding the pinch of natural beauty and happiness to it. From birthdays to anniversaries to a wholesome destination wedding, we are tried and tested for an ultimate experience. A destination is all that makes the event exceptional. For an exclusive and extraordinary event, we offer a setting like no other. These luxury estates offers the ideal venue for for you to spend a day or an evening with family, friends, or colleagues. Whatever the occasion, our guest services managers can assist in connections with the most qualified event planners and caterers to plan the perfect setting for your very special event.

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